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Seawatch Applications

Fugro OCEANOR SEAWATCH systems have been installed in numerous countries around the world. They have an impressive operational record from the roughest seas worldwide, the Arctic and the Tropics, to the coastal zones.  

  • Monitor meteorological, oceanographic, water quality conditions 

  • Detect tsunamis 

  • Monitor algae blooms 

  • Improve coastal zone management 

  • Assist with oil spill contingency planning and forecasting 

Oceanographic Monitoring Systems


SEAWATCH systems span from single wave monitoring buoys (wave buoys) to large regional networks monitoring a large number of oceanographic, meteorological, chemical and biological parameters.

Ocean Wave Data, Wave Modelling and Software Sales


Based on possibly the largest most accurate wave and wind database available, Fugro OCEANOR’s WorldWaves team can provide clients with wave and wind time series data and statistics anywhere in deep or shallow waters and for any time period over the past 50 years and right up to date!!

Seawatch Wind LiDAR buoy


The SEAWATCH Wind LiDAR Buoy represents the next generation of multi-purpose buoys tailored for the renewable energy industry. The buoy accurately measures the speed and direction of wind across the diameter of wind turbine rotors, whilst sensors provide oceanographic parameters such as ocean waves and current profiles.


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